We share a love of cooking and baking for our families and friends. We enjoy spending time finding new recipes and perfecting old ones, while relying on simple, no-fuss recipes for those busy weeknights. We are excited to inspire, to connect and to share our passion for healthy and delectable food with you.


About Monika

I am a dynamic German mom living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I grew up in a household where meals were prepared from scratch daily. My mom is a talented cook and some of my earliest and favorite memories are of her preparing food in the kitchen. Since my arrival in the USA  I found myself preparing meals more frequently than my life in Germany had previously allowed. This reignited a passion and a love for wholesome delicious food. A tradition of joyful, healthy eating. As a graphic designer I appreciate beautiful aesthetics and  enjoy preparing food that is both colorful and eye catching. What I most enjoy and look forward to is the moment my food has touched the palette of my family's mouths and their eyes light up with appreciation for the flavors. Sonja and I met in  the Fall of 2017 where we sat next to each other at a school meeting. We both had cookbooks in our laps and instantly recognized in each other a passion for cooking and baking, realizing we are part of a larger community of cooks from diverse backgrounds. And so begins our journey to bring together our collective wisdom in the kitchen.
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About Sonja

I am a mother of two, a teacher, a wife, a daughter , a sister and most importantly a lover of food. My relationship and respect for food began as a child from my time spent in India visiting my grandmother's home where she would put me to work sifting through rice and lentils for stones, shucking pea pods and peeling potatoes among other chores. All of the produce that arrived at her home was fresh from the farms, breads were made from scratch daily and meat came straight from the butcher. As I grew up traveling the world I realized how many cultures respect the origin and quality of food they put into their bodies and yet I felt a disconnect with my own relationship to food and continued to eat in a way that was uninformed and negatively impacted my health and self-image. It was my best friends in college who ultimately put me on the path to nourishing my body with fresh, good quality food. They themselves having grown up in homes where fresh, healthy food was of the utmost importance at every meal, taught me the value and benefits of taking the time to cook and eat in a way that nourishes not only the body, but the soul too. Today, as a busy mother of two, I try my best to find healthy, efficient, tasty ways to prepare meals my family and I will enjoy (often times easier said than done). Monika and I have paired up to bring together our community around the joy of preparing delicious food. We hope you enjoy!